About Us

About Us

Our Story

Its All Started With a Big Idea.

Xayaysiis Kaabe founded on July 7, 2018.

This Founding Company was an obvious need in the community, and its first head quarter was in Hargeisa.

The Company develops its advertising services by using technology and solving early advertising problems.

  • Creating Logo and Brand Design.
  • Creating a Website and its Structure.
  • Creating Video Marketing.
  • Creating a Modern Social Marketing.

this company was started by Ahmed Abdirazak on May 5, 2018, but officially opened on July 7, 2018.


Our Brand Color


Xayaysiis Kaabe is the innovator of designs, websites, video production, Digital Marketing. This Company is dedicated to Developing and Promoting innovative ideas for high-quality businesses. The target of the company is to create high-quality advertising.

Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality creative service and to promote an effective advertising campaign in our community to reach new customers.

Our Vission

Our Vission

Our Vision is to lead the needs of our creative community advertising and promotion services that help our business align with the rest of the world, grow our business and make it progress.

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